About Us

Pangea Fund Management is a thesis driven hedge fund making high conviction, concentrated investments in the secular winners of the cryptoeconomy

We are value added partners in the protocols we invest in, enabling us to drive favorable outcomes and form long-term partnerships with founders and communities

Our Thesis

Blockchains are a paradigm shifting institutional technology that disrupts corporations, markets, networks, and governments

Blockchains push the pareto-frontier of the global economy forward by:

  • Collapsing the cost of coordination through cryptoeconomic consensus
  • Accelerating innovation through open-source collaboration and ownership
  • Increasing the scale of networks through borderless infrastructure

Blockchain protocols compete on a global playing field and demonstrate strong flywheel effects enabling the winners to keep winning and eventually become global superpowers

In this new paradigm there will ultimately be few global protocols that dominate each sector and even fewer that capture meaningful economics


Daniel Cheung
  • Previously a Principal on the Global Growth Team at Jennison Associates
  • Experience at hedge funds including Highbridge Capital Management, Honeycomb Asset Management, and Point72
Ryan Watkins
  • Previously Senior Research Analyst at Messari
  • Experience in Project Advisory, and DAO Governance